July 27, 2019
Be welcoming and respectful to fellow attendees. VlaadaCon prioritizes the so-called Platinum Rule: "Treat others the way they want to be treated." Please be a decent human—don't take out your frustrations on others, use others' preferred pronouns, don't patronize. Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated.

Bring your Vlaada games. VlaadaCon is already making arrangements for a small library of Vlaada's games, but there may be limited availability. If you have a copy of one of Vlaada’s games that you’re willing to share, please bring it. You can earn an extra raffle ticket by allowing us to put it in the library for at least 6 hours, or you can just keep it with you and manage it yourself. Either way, we appreciate your willingness to help make this a successful event.

Clean up your space. And be careful eating near games. We are very appreciative that we found a suitable venue and would like to leave it as clean as we found it.

No smoking or alcohol.

Treat games with care.Food should be game-friendly. Many of the games at VlaadaCon are brought by attendees, so please treat them as you would your own. You are welcome to bring snacks and non-alcoholic drinks into the venue, but please ensure that your snacks are game-friendly: snacks should be non-greasy (e.g., pretzels, rather than pizza or potato chips) and drinks should be in a lidded container that is stable (i.e., not likely to spill). For larger meals, we will have a list of nearby restaurants and markets available at the registration desk. If space allows, you may eat at the venue, but please sit away from any set-up games.

You're responsible for your own children. We welcome any enthusiastic young Vlaada fans! Younger non-game-playing children should be closely watched by caregivers. Children are expected to be considerate of other gamers, just like adults. Caregivers should also be clear to others that they will be distracted by a child during the game. Communication is key!

Most importantly, remember to have fun!